Dental Floss Pick

Pack Size

Quantity: 50 pcs



  • Plaque removal.
  • Beneficial for gum health.
  • Prevention of bad breath.
  • Cavity prevention.
  • Enhanced appearance.
Directions for Use
  1. Hold the handle and smoothly guide the floss between your teeth, employing gentle back-and-forth movements until it reaches the gum line. 
  2. Glide the floss up and down the tooth’s surface to effectively eliminate food particles and plaque buildup. 

Oralene™ Dental Floss Picks effortlessly glide between teeth and gently beneath the gum line, clearing away food particles and plaque from areas beyond the reach of toothbrushes. The flexible curved tail end serves as a toothpick, aiding in the removal of trapped food debris. Oralene™ Dental Floss Picks are durable and shred resistant.