Surgical Face Mask 

Pack Size

    Quantity: 50 pcs.

    Colour: Light Blue.

    •  High Breathability.
    • Hypoallergenic. 
    • High Filtration Capacity.
    • Graphene Free. 
    • Latex Free.
    • Fiberglass Free. 

      For protection against dust, pollen, bacteria and more.

      Omnifit™ Surgical Face Mask (Adult 3 Ply) are essential protective gear designed to provide a physical barrier against respiratory droplets, preventing the transmission of infectious agents. Made from high-quality, breathable materials, these masks offer reliable source control and help reduce the spread of contagious illnesses like COVID-19. With comfortable ear loops and a secure fit, our surgical masks are suitable for daily use in healthcare settings, public spaces, and crowded environments, providing peace of mind and protection for wearers and those around them.

      This product is:

      • Single use.
      • Non-washable.
      • Need to keep away from direct sunlight.