Millet Milk

Pack Size

Net Weight: 800g


Organic millet powder, organic soybean powder, soy lecithin, fructose, Life’s DHA. 

Serving Suggestion

Add 25gm (3 spoons) of Legend’s Millet Milk into 150-200ml of warm water. Sir well and serve. 

Allergen Information

Contains soy. 

Legend’s Millet Milk is an excellent combination of organic millet and organic soybean. Millet is well-known as a superfood with high nutritional value. It is also recognized as the least allergic and most digestible grains. Legend’s Millet Milk is enriched with soy lecithin and a vegetarian source of DHA, which helps to support a healthy heart and brain. Besides having a good taste, it is also packed with vitamins and minerals which are essential for our body’s need. Legend’s Millet Milk is a healthy beverage suitable for whole family.  

  • Lactose free / Dairy Free. 
  • Cholesterol free. 
  • Gluten free. 
  • Organic.  
  • Non-GMO. 
  • Vegetarian.  

Legend’s Millet Milk benefits:

  • High nutritional content.
  • Suitable for individual with lactose intolerance.
  • Good for heart health.
  • Good for brain development.
  • Good for digestive system.
  • Safe option for individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease.
  • Alternative source of protein.