TigerSoy Plus

Pack Size

Net Weight: 450 g


Organic Soy, Brown Rice, Barley Grass, Organic Wheatgrass, Organic Kale, Organic Spinach, Spirulina, Fructose. 

Serving Suggestion

Add 3 scoops (30g) of HealthZen™ TigerSoy Plus powder into 150 ml of warm water. Stir well and serve.

Allergen Information

Contains soy.

HealthZen™ TigerSoy Plus is blended with tiger milk mushroom, yeast beta-glucan and probiotic. It is enriched with high protein that help build and repair body tissues. HealthZen™ TigerSoy Plus come in delicious soy taste and easy to make.  

A Malaysia’s National Treasure 

Lignosus rhinocerus or commonly known as “Tiger Milk Mushroom” is a highly sought-after medicinal mushroom by the aborigines as well as the urban population. According to old folks, this mushroom is said to grow on the spot where tiger milk falls to the ground when a mother is feeding her cubs. This valuable mushroom has been used traditionally as a health tonic to treat more than 15 medical ailments, including cough, asthma, joint pain, and gastritis. 

In the past, Tiger Milk Mushroom was only collected from the wild. Now, there is threat of depletion of the wild harvest of this mushroom following the overharvesting and increased rate of deforestation and pollution in the tropical jungle. Nevertheless, large scale commercial cultivation of Tiger Milk Mushroom has overcome the supply problem. 

Why We Choose Cultivated Tigermilk Mushroom? 

  • Stable strain of Lignosus rhinocerus (NB08), cultivated indoor under the controlled environment.  
  • Natural and organic, with >50% of beta-glucan.  
  • Guaranteed 100% vegetarian – no pesticides residues or carrier in cultivation 
  • Consistent and sustainable premium quality supply. 

HealthZen™ TigerSoy Plus is an ideal daily nutritional beverage for everyone, especially those who is:

  • Low immune system.
  • Having respiratory illnesses such as Asthma.
  • High risk with inflammation.
  • Smokers.

HealthZen™ TigerSoy Plus benefits:

  • Possess anti-inflammatory properties.  
  • Contains yeast beta glucan to enhance immunity. 
  • Added with prebiotic & probiotic to maintain good microflora.