OatKra Plus

Pack Size

 Net Weight: 400 g


Oat bran powder (20% beta-glucan), plant sterol, okra seeds powder & oat milk powder. 

    Serving Suggestion

    Take at least two scoops (20g) a day, preferably before meals, or anytime convenient. Mix with 200ml of plain, cold or room temperature or warm water, fruit juices or soy milk.

    Allergen Information

    Contains oat.

    HealthZen™ OatKra Plus is made up of the premium Swedish oat bran, plant sterol, okra seed powder, and oat milk powder. The oat soluble fiber (beta-glucan) helps to lower blood cholesterol and can reduce the rise of blood glucose when consumed alone. The addition of plant sterol further enhances the cholesterol-lowering effect. 

    Oat Bran Powder Imported from Sweden.  

    • Amount of beta-glucan recommended for cholesterol lowering effect is 3g per day.  
    • Amount of plant sterol recommended for cholesterol lowering effect is 0.4g per serving.

    Star Ingredients:

    Beta Glucan

    • Soluble fiber found in oats from Sweden.
    • Acts as cholesterol- and sugar-blocking gel.

    Plant Sterol

    • Cholesterol-like compound from vegetable oils, seeds, legumes and nuts.
    • It acts as a barrier, impeding the absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstream.

    Okra Seeds

    • Okra seeds produce mucilage, a gel-like substance that attaches to cholesterol and glucose, consequently reducing their uptake into the bloodstream.

    HealthZen™ Oatkra Plus is an ideal nutritional beverage for everyone, especially those who is:

    • High cholesterol.
    • High glucose.
    • Practicing healthy lifestyles.

    HealthZen™ Oatkra Plus benefits:

    • High in Dietary Fiber & Protein.
    • Suitable For Vegetarian.
    • Cholesterol lowering effect.
    • Trans Fat Free.


    1. Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, and children under the age of five years. 
    2. Persons on cholesterol-lowering medication shall seek medical advice before consuming this product. 
    3. The product is to be consumed as part of a balanced and varied diet and shall include regular consumption of fruits and vegetables to help maintain the carotenoid level.