Disposable Underpad

Pack Size

Available in 3 sizes:

S Size (40 cm  x 60 cm x 70gsm ) 

  • 10 sheets 5 ply

M Size (60 cm  x 90 cm x 70gsm ) 

  • 10 sheets 5 ply

L Size (75 cm  x 75 cm x 70gsm ) 

  • 10 sheets 5 ply
  • Soft. 
  • Hypoallergenic.  
  • Hydrophilic woven fabric. 
  • Super absorbent polymer.  
  • Fast-dry surface. 
  • Waterproof non-skid backing.   
    Directions for Use
    1. Place the underpad on the desired surface with the quilted side facing up.
    2. Secure the underpad in place if necessary.
    3. Dispose of used underpad in waste bin after each use.

    A-Care Disposable Underpad offer reliable protection and peace of mind for individuals dealing with incontinence or those seeking added mattress protection. These highly absorbent underpads feature a soft, 5-layered design that quickly wicks away moisture, keeping skin dry and comfortable. With a waterproof backing and sealed edges, A-Care Disposable Underpad provide excellent leakage protection, safeguarding mattresses, chairs, or other surfaces. Whether used for home care, hospitals, or travel, trust A-Care Disposable Underpad for discreet and reliable protection.

    What made us special?

    A-Care Disposable Underpad are made with 5-layered design.

    • 3D embossed surface for fast fluid distribution. 
    • Absorbent core contains SAP and pulp to provide fast-dry surface. 
    • Maximum protection from leakage, keeping bed dry.