Adult Pants

Pack Size

Available in 3 sizes:

M Size (720mm x 590mm) 

  • Waist size: 50cm 112cm.
  • 10 pcs.

L Size (800mm x 690mm) 

  • Waist size: 70cm 135cm
  • 8 pcs.

XL Size (800mm x 860mm) 

  • Waist size: 80cm 155cm
  • 7 pcs.
  • Leakage barrier protection. 
  • Super absorbent core.
  • Clothlike stretchable waist.
  • Highly breathable material.
  • Odour control.
  • Double layer absorbent pads.
Directions for Use

Wearing Instruction: 

  1. Open the pants wide. 
  2. Put your legs into the leg passages. 
  3.  Pull the pants up until the waist. 
  4. Adjust the pants to make it comfortable.   

Experience superior protection and comfort with A-Care Adult Pants, designed for adults seeking reliable and discreet incontinence solutions. These pants diapers feature advanced absorbent technology for maximum leakage protection, a soft, breathable fabric for a snug fit, and a slim, discreet design that ensures confidence throughout the day. Equipped with odor control, they provide exceptional comfort and convenience. Available in various sizes, A-Care Adult Pants offer a dignified and dependable option for everyday use. Regain your confidence and check out A-Care Adult Pants today!

What made us special?

Leakage Barrier Protection  

  • Elastic side gathers designed to prevent side leakage of urine and faeces. 

Super Absorbent Core 

  • To provide dryness and comfort. 

Clothlike Stretchable Waist 

  • Flexible and easy to wear. Fit like underwear.  

Highly Breathable Material 

  • Highly breathable material to keep you comfortable and fresh. 

Odour Control 

  • Control unpleasant odour with polymer gel.  

Double Layer Absorbent Pads 

  • Quick absorption to enhance dryness and comfort.