Adult Diapers

Pack Size

Available in 3 sizes:

M Size (800mm x 650mm) 

  • Waist size: 76cm 114cm.
  • 10 pcs.

L Size (900mm x 750mm) 

  • Waist size: 90cm 139cm
  • 8 pcs.

XL Size (960mm x 800mm) 

  • Waist size: 100cm 155cm
  • 7 pcs.
  • Specially added with Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL). 
  • Wetness Indicator.
  • Refastening Frontal Tape. 
  • Dual Protection.  
  • Super Absorbent.  
Directions for Use

Wearing Instruction: 

How to wear diaper correctly in laying down position:

  1. Insert the diaper through the crotch area from front to back 
  2. With the wetness indicator in the middle, arrange the diaper to be at the centre. Make sure waist line is close to the navel.  
  3. Stick the lower tapes first and secure it at an angle up position. The curved leg elastic on the diaper will prevent side leakage.  
  4. Attach the upper tapes at an angle down position.  

How to wear diaper correctly in standing position:

  1. Use wetness indicator as a midline, align wetness indicator at front to our navel to ensure that the diaper position is centralized  
  2. Attach the lower tapes of both sides slightly angled up. This is to ensure that leg elastic bands fits well over the groin to prevent side leakage 
  3. Attach the upper tapes of both sides slightly angled down. Lastly adjust the diaper to ensure it fits your body comfortably.  

A-Care Adult Diapers offer premium protection and comfort for individuals seeking discreet and reliable incontinence management. Designed with advanced absorbent technology, these diapers feature a multi-layered core that quickly locks away moisture, keeping skin dry and comfortable for extended periods. The soft, cloth-like outer layer provides a discreet fit and superior comfort, while the resealable tabs ensure a secure and customizable fit. With leak guards for added protection and odor control technology, A-Care Adult Diapers provide confidence and peace of mind for active lifestyles.

What made us special?

Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL) 

  • The linked-channels design allows even distribution of fluid in the absorbent core.  

Wetness Indicator 

  • Indicator colour will fade away when the absorbent core gets wet. This avoids the need to unfasten and check the diapers.  

Refastening Frontal Tape

  • Allow easy adjustment and refastening of diaper for better fit. 

Dual Protection

  • Elastic side gathers designed to prevent side leakage of urine and faeces.  

 Super Absorbent 

  • To provide dryness and comfort.